THE project


TARGET will contribute to the advancement of gender equality in research and innovation by supporting a reflexive gender equality policy in seven Gender Equality Innovating Institutions in the Mediterranean basin – including research performing organisations; research funding organisations and a network of universities.

The TARGET approach goes beyond the formal adoption of a gender equality policy by emphasising an iterative and reflexive process towards equality at the institutional level as well as the establishment of a community of practice for gender equality within the institution: actual change is the result of increased institutional willingness and capacity to identify, reflect on and address gender bias in a sustained way. Starting point and anchor of the process is a tailored Gender Equality Plan or Strategy in each Gender Equality Innovating Institutions which will be designed, implemented, monitored, self-assessed and evaluated in the course of TARGET.

  • 10 Partners for developing new knowledge for institutions, practitioners and policymakers
  • 7 Gender Equality Innovating Institutions for building the institutional capacity for a reflexive gender equality policy
  • 5 EU countries and 2 non-EU countries for generating actions for multiplier effects through the innovative network
  • 48 months for designing, developing, testing and integrating effective tools for each stage of the Gender Equality Plans
  • 35 institutional change making workshops for fostering an active reflexive learning process within the Gender Equality Innovating Institutions

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