#GendeRRIng, a Twitter Campaign for March 8


The #GendeRRIng Twitter campaign was a collaborative action designed to celebrate #8M, the International Women’s Day, in 2019. This collaborative action has created further synergies between sister Horizon2020 EU projects on gender equality in Research and Innovation (R&I).

The campaign was designed and led by TARGET, GEECCO and ACT, and a further five participated: EFFORTI, EQUALIST, GENDERACTION, SPEAR and SUPERA. Over the course of the campaign, people holding a variety of job positions at the projects’ partner organisations voluntarily participated. On average, each participating project is made up of 10 partners – from research organisations and research funding organisations to NGOs and SMEs – from between 6 to 13 different European and non-European countries per project.

The main goal of #GendeRRIng Twitter campaign was to put gender equality in R&I on the agenda and strengthen the visibility of the Horizon2020 projects on this topic. Particularly, the campaign aimed:

  • To make visible the commitment of organisations that take part in the Consortiums of the EU projects involved in the campaign towards gender equality.
  • To encourage other R&I organisations to make public their commitment towards gender equality.
  • To raise awareness of gender equality in R&I in RPOs, RFOs and Ministries

After this first collaborative joint action, we celebrate the 141 tweets that made up the #GendeRRIng Campaign so far. The impact was:

  • 128247 Impressions
  • 2202 Interactions

One of TARGET’s most retweeted tweets was: