4th Community of Practice Meeting – Research and Innovation Foundation

Community of practice meeting at Nicosia, Feburary 12, 2020.


The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), a Gender Equality Innovating Institution (GEII) in the TARGET Project, organized the 4th Community of Practice Meeting at its premises in Nicosia on 12 February, 2020. The goals of the meeting were twofold (1) to present the progress in the implementation of the approved Gender Equality Plan (GEP), and (2) to discuss and decide the next steps. Present at the Workshop were RIF’s Community of Practice (CoP), including Dr Kalyspo Sepou the RIF’s Consortium member, the Coordinator of the Project, Angela Wroblewski, Institute for Advanced Studies, Ms Kirstin Eckstein, Institute for Advanced Studies and Barbara de Michaeli, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Supporting Partner).

The Meeting included a short presentation of the TARGET project activities and the resources available within the framework of the project and the future plans for organizing additional specific activities. The current situation regarding the implementation of the Actions and Measures foreseen in the RIF’s 1st Gender Equality Plan and the actions undertaken, as well as, the indicators used for the monitoring of each of the activities described in the GEP, were also presented. The monitoring and evaluation procedure that is being implemented during the project was also discussed.

The members of the Community of Practice suggested a number of measures and future activities that could be undertaken by the Foundation towards the implementation of the goals of the GEP. Finally, a number of activities were decided to be implemented, including the organization of the final Capacity Building Workshop in September 2020 in Cyprus where all the project’s partners will participate and the organization of a co-creation meeting where other funding agencies outside the project share knowledge and good practices relevant to the TARGET Project’s scope.