RIF final TARGET event

RIF (Research & Innovation Foundation – Cyprus) organised the final TARGET event on 8 December 2021. The objective was to present the results achieved by the project, and to self-reflect on the status quo, policies and actions regarding gender equality, both within the institution and its R&I Programmes. 

In particular, in the final phase of TARGET implementation, RIF organised focus groups with researchers from Cypriot RPOs to collect information regarding barriers for women’s careers. The participants in focus groups (relevant stakeholders from the Cyprus community working on gender equality in Academia and other research centres) also formed a network, which proved to be helpful and supportive for the local project coordinator. 

In the final event, and based on the results of the focus groups, policy recommendations have been formulated, with the goal of providing a relevant input for the national discourse about gender equality in R&I.

More info here: https://www.research.org.cy/en/strategic-planning/gender-equality/